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Way of the Fighter Miniatures and Last Chance on Classic Super Dungeon!

Way of the Fighter Miniatures and Last Chance on Classic Super Dungeon!

Way of the Fighter Logo

Way of the Fighter Miniatures Arrive!

Replace the standees for your games of Way of the Fighter with new fighter miniatures. Twelve new miniatures are ready to make your way to the table! These miniatures also make excellent characters for modern tabletop games, as well as fun collector's pieces for painters.

Way of the Fighter Miniatures

Way of the Fighter Miniatures

If you were a Way of the Fighter backer and these minis were part of your reward, we will include these miniatures automatically with any order you make from the Ninja Division UK store. Don't forget that you can also use the Way of the Fighter backer discount code WOTF-KS to save £13 on one of you orders.



Super Dungeon Logo

Final Stock on Classic Super Dungeon Plastics

We have uncovered a tiny treasure trove of classic Super Dungeon: Explore plastics that had previously gone out of stock. Over the next weeks we will be working through and inventorying this final stock and putting it up for sale on the webstore. This will be your final opportunity to get most of these classic Super Dungeon: Explore sets before they are gone forever!

Super Dungeon Stilt Town Zombies Warband

Stilt Town Zombies

Even under the just rule of the Von Wildings, the Glauerdoom Moor was never a forgiving land. Under the curse of the vampire lord, Von Drakk it is a deadly one. The land has grown sick. The once healthy moors and wetlands have become disease infested, their ancient burial grounds disturbed by grave robbers, witches, and dark creatures. The miserable inhabitants lead miserable lives, knowing that even death will not release them from their service.


Super Dungeon Emerald Valley Warband

Emerald Valley

The Emerald Valley is a difficult place to find even for the inhabitants of the Fae Wood. It is home of the dragon, Glimmerwing and she protects her realm with powerful glamour and fae magic that conceal it from the rest of the Crystalia. Glimmerwing rarely leaves her secluded vale preferring to spend her time among the Kodama and Kinoko that flourish there. Her reclusive nature should not be mistaken for a desire to live peacefully. Indeed, she guards her domain and its borders ruthlessly. She is often known to leave the Emerald Valley to strike out against any who journey too near, even if the travellers do so unknowingly.



Super Dungeon Classic Heroes

Classic Super Dungeon Heroes

The classic 1st Edition Super Dungeon Heroes return with this incredible bundle featuring all eight of the Heroes that started it all. Recruit the Royal Paladin, Ember Mage, Deeproot Druid and Angry Bear, Riftling Rogue, Claw Tribe Barbarian, Hexcast Sorceress, Glimmerdusk Ranger, and Hearthsworn Fighter for your adventuring party!


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