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Von Drakk Manor Reopens!

Von Drakk Manor Reopens!
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Von Drakk Manor Reopens!

Baron von Drakk rules the Moor in the Dark Consul’s name, and the evil in his soul has condemned his ancestral homeland to rot and ruin. The embodiment of this death and corruption still survives, moreover, and works his malicious will almost without interruption.


Super Dungeon Von Drakk Bosses
Von Drakk Bosses includes one Dungeon Boss and one Mini-Boss for Super Dungeon.


Yet, even here, Heroes arise and arrive constantly to push back at the darkness. Perhaps the destruction of the vampire is the salvation of the Moor. It falls to the brave, bold, and well-prepared to find out.


Super Dungeon Von Drakk Heroes
Von Drakk Heroes includes four Hero models for Super Dungeon.


We are proud to make available (while supplies last) the HeroesMinionsMini-Boss, and Von Drakk himself from the previously released Von Drakk's Manor level set.


Super Dungeon Shallow Grave
Shallow Grave is a Paired Spawning Point model set for Super Dungeon.


Set upon those upstart heroes with a horde of undead nasties from our classic collection. This is one of our most popular game sets, and was the second expansion to the original Super Dungeon Explore.


Super Dungeon Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch is a Spawning Point model set for Super Dungeon.


With upgraded cards and rules, don’t miss out on a chance to add them to your collection.


 Visit Von Drakk's Manor, Today!


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