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Vlad the Perforator

Vlad the Perforator
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Vlad the Perforator

Vlad doesn’t like you. Vlad doesn’t like anyone. Vlad things you have a funny face. Vlad took this job because Vlad is tired and just wants to make the wyrdwood stop talking….


Super Dungeon Vlad the Perforator


There are fewer names out there that strike fear into the hearts of the enemy like hearing that Vlad the Perforator is lurking about. This Orc Mini-Boss is a powerfully built rogue of an Orc. With a range of 10 spaces, Vlad will put a peppering hail of bolts from his repeating crossbows into any Heroes foolish enough to venture into his hunting grounds.


Super Dungeon Vlad the Perforator


Vlad can, for an action, Mark a target at range. Any friendly models attacking that target gain +1 Blue dice on offense rolls. Only one Mark can be in play at one time, but with a host of Powder Ladz at your back, that can cause a lot of mayhem quickly. Add to this his Wyrdwood Arrow, if it hits you, not only does he get a powerful bonus to the attack, but can also inflict Bane, forcing rerolls of the target’s highest defense rolls.

So, watch out! Vlad the Perforator will be living up to his name in no time!


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