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The Yurei

The Yurei
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The Yurei

While the time when Kagejima wasn’t a united state under the rule of the Moon Princess’s lineage is shrouded by the mists of time for many, for others that time seems as if it were only yesterday.



The Yurei clan was one of the most powerful clans on the island and great rivals of the Ika, dwelling as they did in the same coastal areas, before the Court of the Moon rose to prominence and consolidated loyalty and power. The Ika backed the Moon Princess’s ancestors while the Yurei backed their own clans warlord in the power struggle leading up to the unification of the island. A bitter civil war was fought over much of Kagejima and many major and minor families were wiped out or scattered.


Super Dungeon Yurei Oni


The Yurei put up a brave fight but the flagship of their fleet went down with all hands in a massive naval battle against the Ika, taking most of the clan leadership with it. Some say the Yurei swore an oath of vengeance as their ships went down and the clan has lived on in the shadows, cursed to unlife for all eternity to seek vengeance on the Ika and the Moon Court.


Dragged To The Depths

To represent their cursed past and their quest for vengeance, every Yurei model has the ability Dragged To The Depths. When a model with Dragged To The Depths is destroyed, the model that destroyed it must roll one Red Dice. If no stars are rolled, it suffers a wound.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


The Yurei Kunoichi's The Last Breath means Dragged To The Depths causes two wounds instead of one. When the Yurei Chunin Mini-Boss comes into play, Heroes not only have to worry about destroying Yurei models but can risk suffering a wound when attacking any Yurei. The Chunin's The Drowning Deeps means the Clan ability will triggered when the model suffers a wound, instead of when it is destroyed!


Super Dungeon Yurei Chunin


When a Yurei Madoushi inflicts a wound using Soul Drain, a Kaiken or Yajiri can be summoned into the fray. Combined with the Chunin's Call Of The Deep, your party of adventurers may just find themselves becoming overwhelmed by waves of undead vengeance which they dare not attack!

Even the Dark Consul cannot escape the vengeful wrath of the Yurei, they are loyal to none but their own.  With An Anchor Around Your NeckYurei No Tomomori's Dragged To The Depths ability is also triggered when he suffers a wound, so even monsters have to exercise caution when it comes to the Yurei.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei


Whether you're a Hero or a Monster, one thing is certain, the Yurei are a fearsome foe to behold and players will need careful planning and tactics to send them back to the depths.


Beware the Yurei!


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