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The Plunder Twins

The Plunder Twins
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Ugg & Mugg - Dungeon Dual Monsters!

So, with the cantankerous duo of Ugg and Mugg showing up in dungeons, it’s worth a chat about what to expect from the Dark Consul in your games of Super Dungeon. With both Arcade and Explore cards in the set, you can be sure to run these ruffians in about any setting.


Super Dungeon The Plunder Twins


Ugg and Mugg are a treacherous pair when run as the boss of your dungeon. Initially, watching out for the movement and location of these two means that you are covering your backs and sides as you try to push back and defend against attacks coming at you from everywhere. With both effective melee and ranged attacks, these Ogres are dangerous.


Super Dungeon The Plunder Twins


When they stick together they can unlock shared actions, as one burly Ogre sets up his brother for free actions when battling heroes. And with their proclivity for doing huge amounts of damage on a per-hit basis, this can really double the threat! As long as the duo remains in 4 squares of one another they get the benefit of Plunder Twins and all of their damage output becomes Massive Damage!


Super Dungeon The Plunder Twins


Keeping Ugg alive means you will have an effective healing ability to use to keep your brother stitched up, and Mugg's “The Blood is Up, Brother” ensures that when close enough to use your Plunder Twins ability, you are also adding a red dice to attack actions as an aura.


Super Dungeon The Plunder Twins


This set, complete with Relics, Treasure, and Challenges, make for a hefty addition to your game night. It's all ogre for the heroes!


Ogre-load Your Dungeon Boss Collection, Today!




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