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The Guth

The Guth
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The Guth

Who leads the horde? Who tramples kingdoms beneath his iron shod feet? Who is the meanest, baddest, hungriest orc to ever have raided the wastes? There is one answer that can bring a chill to even the liveliest of atmospheres… The Guth!


Super Dungeon The Guth


Shaggy sodden fur drapes the foetid flanks of this Orcs’ mighty steed. His keen eyes scan his assembled warbands for bickering and weakness, for he suffers neither. With a mighty bellow, the horde marches forth and woe betide anything that stand in it’s way. This week, we welcome the majestic Guth, war leader and ravager. 


Super Dungeon The Guth


A terrible boss to have to fight, it would be a pretty steely adventurer to delve deep into his holds with any hope of coming out alive. When facing off against such a force  of nature, one must take into account all his cunning tricks and his brutal strength. Watch out for his sweeping attacks, and his penchant for throwing his own warriors into a fight, or worst yet, a sickening display of him feeding his troops to his war pig, gaining a temporary explosion of speed or power in the process. 


Super Dungeon The Guth


If you go after the Guth, you best be prepared.


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