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The Forgotten King

The Forgotten King
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The Forgotten King

Soon after the coronation of the First King, a minor noble sought to win the hand of the First King’s daughter. Though the noble was skilled in both sword and sorcery, the King’s daughter saw a shadow within his soul and refused his hand.


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Consumed by his own hubris, the noble spread rumours of the First King’s fall to the Dark Consul. Still reeling from the Dark Consul’s treachery, many loyal servants of Crystalia were deceived by the noble’s poisoned words. The treasonous noble declared himself the rightful King and Crystalia was, once again, plunged into bitter war.

The Dark Consul’s forces once again gathered, this time under the banner of the Usurper King. With the Goddess’s forces already weakened, the Usurper King quickly pressed his advantage.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Bosses


With tenacity and cunning, the First King fought the Usurper King to a standstill within the first walls of the soon-to-be-built Crystalia Castle. Time, however, was on the Usurper King’s side. Every day, more monsters rallied to his banner while the First King’s forces dwindled.

With the First King’s forces near the breaking point, the clarion call of a thousand horns pierced the morning stillness. With them, rose the howl of wolves and the deep, earthen call of the Kodama, spirits of the forest. A cry of alarm sounded from the rear of the Usurper King’s army as the fury of the Fae Wood struck.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Bosses


Elvish bows struck with deadly precision. Bounding cavalry of ghost wolves harried the flanks of the Usurper King’s army, while mighty treants and bark-skinned Kodama pressed into the panicked ranks of monsters.

The Usurper was not to be denied. With a terrible oath, he unleashed a curse upon his own troops. With howls of pain and fury, the Usurper King’s greatest warriors, the Bramble Knights, were transformed into bestial chimera. The result was not what he had intended. Instead of using the primal strength granted by their new forms, the soldiers saw the true face of their false King. In horror, they cast down their weapons and plead for mercy.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Bosses


The Usurper King and his cursed followers were exiled to the ruined keep of Lordship Downs within the Fae Wood. The Usurper King’s name was to be struck from history, so that he might never know pride from his dark legacy. He would remain imprisoned for all time—forgotten forever. 


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