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The Final Tide

The Final Tide
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The Final Tide

Across the realms, Ogres can be found anywhere there is a chance at a good scrap, or well stocked larders to be raided. This week we introduce you to a destructive duo of Ogres, twins, each one perfectly cherubic in their mothers eye. The infamous brothers, Ugg and Mugg.


Super Dungeon The Plunder Twins


Ugg is the eldest of The Plunder Twins, this is a responsibility he takes quite seriously - despite the mere minutes in age difference. Ugg sees Mugg as his responsibility and is fiercely protective of his younger brother. Mugg on the other hand, has always been testing poor Ugg’s sense of familial duty.

With an internal sense of adventure to lead him, it was Mugg who first convinced his brother to first take to the seas as bruisers on the Cog Ships. It was also he who convinced Ugg to mutiny so they could enjoy the pirate life together!


Super Dungeon The Plunder Twins


These two, near unstoppable privateers are formidable as a Dungeon Boss. With very collaborative skill sets, sticking together means they are more able to deal incredible damage to their targets, and even take advantage of Compel abilities to deal additional attacks during combat.


Get Ready For Ugg And Mugg!


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