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The Deranged Alchemist

The Deranged Alchemist
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 The Deranged Alchemist

The Harvest Festival is upon the fair citizens of Crystalia, and the Fae Alchemist has eaten too many toadstools.  Now, turned to vile villainy, she must be stopped before crafting her cruel concoctions!


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


With the release of the Forgotten King Heroes set, we've received a few emails asking whether we'd produce a card, we made available, digitally, few years ago. This card allowed you to use Fae Alchemist as a Mini-Boss in your games of Super Dungeon: Explore.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


We're pleased to announce that not only are we going to produce her Super Dungeon: Explore Mini-Boss card but we're also making her Arcade and Treasure card!  These cards are being added to the Forgotten King Heroes and the Forgotten King Alternative Spawn Decks, right now!

If you've already pre-ordered one of these products, don't worry, these bonus cards will be included automatically.


Save the Harvest Festival!





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