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The Demon Queen, Spiteful Cherub & Sage Aumar

The Demon Queen, Spiteful Cherub & Sage Aumar
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The Demon Queen, Spiteful Cherub & Sage Aumar

It is rumoured that Araphel was a mentor to the Dark Consul himself, hoping to add him to the ranks of her Devoted. However, in a rare coup it was the Dark Consul who ascended to ultimate power within the Dark Realm. Outwardly, Araphel speaks with derision about the Consul’s betrayal but, privately, Araphel is proud that her student was capable of such delicious trickery.


Super Dungeon Demon Queen Araphel


She is the Mistress of Chains and Lady of Deceit, giving aid to any who seek to subvert and control the will of those around them. She aids her old student by spreading rumours and lies through the heart of Crystalia. Her Devoted come from every walk of life, even the clergy of other deities are sometimes the Devoted of Araphel in disguise, working her poison plots from within other houses of worship.


Super Dungeon Demon Queen Araphel


A master manipulator, in battle, the Demon Queen Araphel will use her tremendous power to control heroes with attacks. Her Cherubs will flock to her and lend their strength when the Heroes are beginning to wear down. She is truly a terrifying foe to love and despair over!


Spiteful Cherub

So great is Araphel’s will and spite that it manifests as physical flesh and bone, creating Spiteful Cherubs that fly about her, whispering hateful truths and vicious lies. Araphel uses them as her eyes and ears, but also as her messengers, keeping in constant communication with her Devoted. Araphel is a spider and she uses her Cherubs to spin her web of lies and trickery.


Super Dungeon Spiteful Cherub


As the Cherubs swarm to battle, their soulless whispers compel even the bravest of heroes to do their masters bidding. Even to be in their presence drains the resistance of the most solid of minds, turning the will to honey to be lapped up by the cackling mad Queen herself!


Sage Aumar

Most Spiteful Cherubs are terrible, malicious creatures devoted to driving heroes mad with deadly secrets. But that can get tiring. Every once in a while a cherub just wants to say something nice for a change. Make somebody’s day better, you know?


Super Dungeon Spiteful Cherub


It can’t be, “The darkness will claim all you love and your works will be ground to sand,” all the time. Every once in a while a cherub just wants to say, “Hey, you look nice today. And you’re rocking that wizard hat.”


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