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Tabbybrook Mage

Tabbybrook Mage
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Tabbybrook Mage

Mages are rare in Freyjan society. Those few who have both the aptitude and calling for magic inevitably lean towards the elemental disciplines. Tabbybrook Mages harness water in all its forms, using it to drive enemies back and wash away their companions’ wounds. When pressed, they can unleash frozen blasts of ice or scalding geysers that burn the flesh with all the intensity of fire.


Super Dungeon Tabbybrook Mage


This month, we are excited to bring you the return of the Tabbybrook Mage. This precious mage is one that will stick around in your party while you explore the most terrible dungeons. The Tabbybrook’s 9 Lives gives the player a real chance not to have to sacrifice a precious Princess Coin when she is removed from play, helping her hang on in the worst of fights.


Super Dungeon Tabbybrook Mage


Lining up the enemy or funnelling minions into narrow passages allows her to make use of her devastating potions. Be it flame or frost, 8 squares of damage dealt is a great deal of crispy or frozen enemies to loot! And if things are looking down, don’t forget the Tabbybrook is a very solid healer, if the group is centred around her, she can provide excellent healing in the middle of a fight. 


Celebrate the return of heroes from the past, and get her while she is still available!


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