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Super Dungeon Novel Series by Future House Publishing

Super Dungeon Novel Series by Future House Publishing


Future House Publishing Brings the World of Super Dungeon to Life as a Five-Book Series

Future House Publishing (FHP) has partnered with Soda Pop Miniatures (SPM) to produce a five-book series based in the Super Dungeon world of Crystalia. To promote the launch of the series, Future House Publishing will be running a Kickstarter to provide fans with the opportunity to pledge for the books and limited-edition miniatures of the main characters.

When asked about the partnership Dietrich Stella, co-creator of Super Dungeon, said, “We have always focused on creating Super Dungeon as a living breathing world, so the opportunity to expand Super Dungeon’s story and world beyond the games is tremendously exciting. We cannot wait for fans, new and old, to experience Super Dungeon as never before!”

Future House Publishing has assembled a team of six authors to bring the Super Dungeon world to life. Creative Director at FHP, Adam Glendon Sidwell, is co-authoring the first book in the series with Zachary James.

Sidwell founded FHP after the enormous success of his debut self-published book, Evertaster, in June 2012. Since then, FHP has published more than 50 science-fiction, fantasy, and middle-grade books, sweeping the 2016 Utah State Book Awards in the Young Adult Books category.

Past Future House authors Christopher Keene and D.W. Vogel have seen their own success through FHP. Vogel’s Horizon Alpha series sold over 5,000 copies in the first year of publication and reached Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers List. The third book in the series is slated for release next month. Both Keene and Vogel are authoring books in the Super Dungeon series.

These authors will be joined by Dan Allen, author of The Forgotten Heirs Trilogy, and David J. West, who is best known for his paranormal Westerns and horror fiction.

Adam Sidwell said, “Super Dungeon is so rich with lore, it was practically begging us to write characters and plot out storylines inside its universe. Each author has really grown into the story and conveyed important elements of the existing lore in compelling ways. I couldn’t be more excited about this.”

After its month-long Kickstarter, the five-book Super Dungeon series will be available in print wherever books are sold, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Indie bookstores, as well as on all major ebook platforms. The special edition mini figures, designed by SPM and manufactured by FHP, will primarily be sold during the Kickstarter with limited stock available afterward.

Sidwell, Vogel, and Allen will also tour schools with their new Super Dungeon releases in addition to their other titles. For more information on having these authors visit your school, follow this link:

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