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Starter Set: Radiant Cadre, Part 1

Starter Set: Radiant Cadre, Part 1

2 Player Starter Set - Radiant Cadre

The Relic Knights two player starter set was carefully crafted to be as useful to all collectors as possible, while still giving everyone a great starting point into playing games of Relic Knights. In this article, we want to look at our Radiant Cadre, led by new comer, Bang Bang and her cypher Mr. Milky. 


Relic Knights Bang-Bang


The best part of designing a new set for you all, was mixing in some of the favourite elements from past designs of Relic Knights and still giving players something entirely new.



Bang-Bang is a bounty hunter. The nickname fits, though, since she’s much more apt to shoot first—and second—when a situation goes sour. She’s really proud of her double-tap technique since she performs it with her matched pistols. It’s impressive. Since developing Esper expression, her cypher Mr. Milky is ever at her side, these two are synonymous with bringing in the bad-guys, even though she is well paid for the work.


Relic Knights Bang-Bang


Designing Bang-Bang was a joy. What better than to have our space lanes hunted for escaped convicts than a cowboy themed bounty hunter! Replete with a 10 gallon hat, boots, and a pair of Esper infused six-shooters, we wanted a figure rife with personality and colour to lead our Radiant Cadre. 


Relic Knights Bang-Bang



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