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Scrap Trap: Gameplay

Scrap Trap: Gameplay
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Watch Your Step, It’s a Scrap Trap!

The winding mind and machinations of Gnomes, be they good or evil is a hard one to fathom for most of the races of Crystalia. Deep within the grinding bowels of Clockwork Cove, a renegade artificer gathered other free thinking tinkerers and forgemasters into an outcast Guild known only as the Scrap Guild. Dungeon bosses world wide send their envoys to call on the guilds many ingenious and deadly inventions for that added sense of security from meddling heroes.


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


The Scap Tower is a Spawning Point with the best and worst that this kind of Gnomish artificer can conjure. The tower itself, a forge and workbench for the mad Gnomes is ever churning out KaBombs and has the base rule Pinata of Death. Often leaving an explosive surprise for an Hero unlucky enough to be standing nearby, should the tower be destroyed, roll a Red die and spawn a KaBomb for each star rolled.


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


Gate Crashers are the barely sentient, thumping stone golems used to secure rooms and doorways. When spawned, select the closest doorway to the spawning point that connects two tiles and place the Gate Crasher. It’s appearance will deal out attacks to adjacent heroes if able, and as it is a dumb stone creature, it doesn’t get compelled, pulled, or pushed, in any way.

Heroes may attempt to dodge under the creature's repetitive slamming to earth at the doorway, but will need to evade the Gate Crasher's attacks to dodge through. The best way to deal with them is to destroy them outright but, with a Green die for armour and 3 hearts, it will be a chore!


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


Need another reason to avoid digging through dungeons tinkered with by the guild? We give you the Grim Oculus. Wanderers beware!

Moving through a room with a Grim Oculus puts you at risk of catching its gaze and The Eye Is Open. Any movement within range has a chance to trigger an automatic ranged attack, leaving nothing more than the scorch marks of well intentioned adventurers and the occasional smoking boot.


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


Should you make it through all of that, you must contend with the tower’s custodians, the Dunces! These gnome minions are festooned with explosive KaBombs they will merrily deposit around the dungeon or throw at unwitting heroes. Though not particularly hardy, they make up for their small stature with an endless stream of Volatile explosions from the KaBombs underfoot. Each explosion dealing a Wave 1, +2 Red STR attack!


Super Dungeon Scrap Trap


So, watch your footing, listen for the cackling mad Gnomes at the walls, and take care that you are not flattened or blown into meaty bits by the denizens from the Scrap Tower!


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