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Royal Huntsman

Royal Huntsman

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Royal Huntsman

Crystalia Castle is simultaneously the seat of the nominal kings of humanity, home to that royal family, and centre of the great struggle against the darkness. Beyond that, it is also a bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis and a centre of manufacturing and spirituality. A staggering number of people from all the free races live out their lives within its districts and make it among the foremost cities of the world.


Super Dungeon Royal Huntsman


Surrounding the castle are the enchanted realms of the Fae Wood. Home to elves and other enchanted creatures, the King has spent no small amount of treasure on the brave and adventurous Huntsman academy.


Royal Huntsman

Be it a promising young woodsman's child, or a privileged child of nobility, the academy doesn’t teach it’s lessons in a hall or classroom. No, they spend their youth learning practical skills of tracking, marksmanship, land navigation, the best plants to eat (that won’t eat you), and all about the myriad of fauna that inhabit the woodlands and reach to the extent of the kingdom's domain.


Super Dungeon Royal Huntsman


A hero’s journey into the darker corners of the Fae Wood need the brave men and women of the Royal Huntsman’s cadre. They have, in many situations, prevented disaster with a well timed arrow or to find a hidden path out of a bad situation. So, when you are planning your next quest into the dark forest, and want some truly amazing s’mores, you would do good to make a friend who serves the crown.


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