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Relic Knights Pit Crew and Pythons Now Available!

Relic Knights Pit Crew and Pythons Now Available!

Relic Knights Pit Crew and Pythons are now available!

Relic Knights gets its first reinforcements, just in time for launch! The Pit Crew for Cerci Speed Circuit will make sure your units stay in tip-top shape while dismantling your opponent's forces. For Black Diamond, the dreaded Python "capture suit" power armour arrives. These terrors are favourites of Leopold Magnus who deploys them to secure new test subjects from the battlefield.

Relic Knights Pit Crew

Pit Crew (Cerci Speed Circuit)

Most drivers, when they get a little money, start investing in better equipment and a good garage. That’s not a bad idea, but it’s shortsighted. They’re drivers, and they only think about driving. Smart drivers spend early money on a good pit crew, and they spend more money on them often. The right group of people in the pit and in the repair yard can keep every part of a driver’s—and his or her backer’s—considerable investment safe. Good crews aren’t just great mechanics. They’re loyal, smart, and quick with a concussion hammer. All of which you’ll need if you want to live long enough to get anywhere on Cerci.

Relic Knights Black Diamond Pythons

Pythons (Black Diamond)

Equipped with a wide and impressive array of equipment, each python suit is a marvellous blending of murderous and non-lethal efficiency. Bulky and inelegant as powered armour suits go, the python nevertheless possess both the efficiency and cutting edge equipment one expects from Black Diamond’s specialized assets.

Relic Knights Kickstarter Backers

Relic Knights has joined the Masterclass Fulfilment Plan. If you are Kickstarter backer and make an order, we will send you all pledge items we currently have in stock. Please read here for details and a full list of items currently being fulfilled! 

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