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Relic Knights: Faction Overview

Relic Knights: Faction Overview

Relic Knights:

Faction Overview

Every unit in Relic Knights belongs to, and may only fight for, a specific faction. Factions represent the different forces fighting for the fate of the Last Galaxy. They vary in style and appearance from the fast and flamboyant racers of the Cerci Speed Circuit, to the brutal warriors of the Noh Empire, the proud and noble Shattered Sword, or the wild and reckless pirates of the Star Nebula Corsairs. In this article, we introduce you to the six primary factions which will shape the future of the Last Galaxy.


Doctrine are the masters of esper, and they have some of the strongest psychic attacks in the game. They wield powerful spells that can cripple their opponents, setting them on fire, draining their essence, or far worse. Due to their ability to manipulate esper, they also have some of the best card draw, allowing them to always have the resources they need in order to level devastating attacks against their foes.

Cerci Speed Circuit

Cerci races across the battlefield, engaging their enemies where they are at their weakest and avoiding them where they are at their strongest. They use their speed to press their advantage and steal objectives right out from under their opponent’s nose! Cerci uses a combination of close combat, drive-by ranged attacks, and hit-and-run tactics to wear down their opponents.

Shattered Sword Paladins

Shattered Sword are stalwart, immovable objects on the tabletop. They have some of the best defense and armor in the game, fending off attacks that would obliterate units from other factions. They weather the storm that their opponents throw at them, whittling any who oppose them to dust as the game goes on. Shattered Sword also has amazing melee capabilities, combined with the ability to bind their opponents in order to limit what actions they may take.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond has some of the most fearsome firepower in the Last Galaxy. They bring a ranged arsenal to the tabletop that has everything from precision snipers, to giant cannons, to grenade launchers. There are few units in the game that can weather the full power of a Black Diamond barrage and remain standing. Black Diamond units also synergize together incredibly well, which reflects their intense combat training and military tactics.

Noh Empire

The Noh Empire win the day by bringing the full brunt of their close combat prowess to bear against their enemy. They close the distance quickly and, once they are in melee, very few units can withstand the might of a Noh onslaught. However, they are not simple brutes on the table. They have psychic abilities that can compel their enemy closer, and they can hobble their foes so that they do not escape. These movement-oriented abilities also are valuable when scoring objectives, allowing cunning Noh players to seize the game outside of combat.

Star Nebula Corsairs

Star Nebula Corsairs can handle any task you throw at them. They have access to amazing psychic, melee, and ranged attacks. There is no job they can’t handle. And on the occasion something proves difficult, they can blast their way through it, making use of some of the best explosive attacks in the game. Their units can often engage in high-stakes gambles that can pay off big, or fail utterly. This can make for an exciting last-minute turn of the tables, as you snatch a game from your opponent that they thought was over.

In future articles, we will explore these six factions further, as well as the Radiant and Void subfactions, taking a look at their histories, playstyles, and range of awesome models!

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