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Pinching Palace: Lore

Pinching Palace: Lore
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A Little Bit Crabby!

A Lord of Crabs is only at home among the crustaceans and other lurking denizens of the deep. They spend a great deal of time cultivating homes for their crabby friends, making sure they are protected, fed, and happy. This, in turn, makes the Lord of Crabs happy -- even if only for a short while.


Super Dungeon Pinching Palace


Strange and reclusive, Lords of the Crabs haunt the misty coastlines of Crystalia like spectres. Intensely private, they live in craggy crevices where the ocean waves crash upon the cliffs. Able to form a bizarre communion with crustaceans and other oceanic life, these druids only answer the call of their elvish kin when forced, or when their territory is threatened.


Super Dungeon Pinching Palace


Big Claws love to lurk in the muck and mud, happily eating anything and everything that wanders too close, including tasty Heroes. Determined (and hungry) Big Claws can be remarkably tenacious, latching onto their prey with their single enormous claw and refusing to let go. As they grow more agitated, the water and muck around them deepens, further bogging down their prey until escape is impossible.


Super Dungeon Pinching Palace


Carapace Crawlers grow to immense sizes extraordinarily quickly. As they grow, they molt constantly, leaving spiny shells littering the sands. These shells prove hazardous in a fight, and a canny warrior will use them to their advantage by pushing their opponents across the shells, causing them to trip and lose their balance.


Super Dungeon Pinching Palace


So pick the seaweed out of your hair, and watch your booty, the pincers of the Pinching Palace are primed to pluck particularly poignant pieces of you for their next meal.


Water You Waiting For?!


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