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Pinching Palace: Gameplay

Pinching Palace: Gameplay
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Pinching Booty!

Amongst the scattered detritus of broken timbers and the barnacled hulls of shipwrecks lay the nests and shallows of the Lord of Crabs. These Nether Elf mages can charm the clattering and snipping limbed crabs, who in turn protect their caretaker. The Pinching Palace spawn has Backlash forcing heroes to think twice about attacking, risking damage if they fail to land a damaging hit.


Super Dungeon Pinching Palace


The Lord of Crabs is the mysterious druid who rules the soggy flats of these ocean hideaways. With both Knockdown and immunity to knockdown, they can pack a wallop and really set up heroes for a pinching party. Years of living on rocky shorelines grants these nimble elves Surefoot, taking full advantage of fallen heroes with Pile-On granting an addition blue STR dice to attacks against models that are knocked down.


Super Dungeon Pinching Palace


What is the most interesting of her abilities is how she works with her crabby minions. Twisting Sands is an aura ability that grants Burrow to all crabs nearby. This will allow your scuttling minions to move under walls as if they were not there. Scuttling Menace will allow an additional crab to spawn adjacent to the Lord of Crabs, making sure to keep more handy friends within reach. Pick Them Clean takes advantage of your numbers, pulling up to 3 Skull Points of crabs from anywhere in the dungeon adjacent to a target Hero.


Super Dungeon Pinching Palace


Lurking in the muck, Big Claws use their single enormous claw to attack heroes and drag them down into the salty depths. Grabby models, like Big Claw, prevent models from moving away once they are in an adjacent square. With a strong attack and fast movement, you can really lock down a dungeoneering party of heroes quickly. In addition to individual control, Rising Tide allows Big Claw to set up difficult terrain at will.


Super Dungeon Pinching Palace


These speedy critters also have Grabby, are able to traverse difficult terrain with Surefoot, and even make ranged attacks. The ability Empty Shell allows the Carapace Crawler to set up places on the tile that grant Knockdown to friendly models nearby.


Join The Crab Rave!




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