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Pet Patrol!

Pet Patrol!
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Pet Patrol!

Since the very early days, Super Dungeon Explore has long loved the interaction of Heroes and their trusted companions. It is important in the new edition that we have an updated rules set to allow all of your loyal buddies to escort you bravely into the dungeons to provide much needed protection, companionship, and to nibble your snacks when you are not looking.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


For those who are new to Super Dungeon, Pets are creatures of Crystalia that have joined a Hero in order to help fight the forces of the Dark Consul. Each Pet has a specific Hero as their master, and they are bonded through loyalty and duty. Perhaps the Pet was once held captive by the Consul and is repaying a life debt. Or maybe the Pet was once a lonely farm animal that has been inspired to greatness by their Hero. Or perhaps a Hero is simply has a knack for making friends with adorable forest creatures. Whatever the reason, Pets heed the call of their Master.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


In this expansion, not only do we reveal the rules for using Pets in games of Super Dungeon Explore and Super Dungeon Arcade, but we also revisit the ever present Creeps that inhabit the dungeons of Crystalia. Fell beasts, not significant individually, but in the sweeping hordes and swarms that overrun the funnels and caverns of the Dark Consul’s growing realm, a real hazard for intrepid explorers.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


We hope you enjoy this addition to your games of Super Dungeon, and get your furry, feathered, or scaly friends to battle with you!


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