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Orcdon Ramsay

Orcdon Ramsay
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Orcdon Ramsay

“This sausage is so salty, I could wash the taste out of my mouth with a chug of ocean foam!”

No one likes a critic. But when you are a massive orc with a cleaver as heavy as an armoured knight, people tend to take notice and listen. And listen they do! Orcdon Ramsay used to run a ship’s galley for a Junk Reaver Privateer. Well, one thing led to another, and an argument over the disposition of chilled fresh Kodama salad over a oiled sauté Kodama fritte caused a fight that saw most the crew pitched into the briny deep, and the ship “The Sea Gouger” cast into splinters off the coast of the Clockwork Cove.


Super Dungeon Orcdon Ramsay


Ever since washing ashore with naught but a bent ladle, his rusty cleaver, and a little bacon grease, Orcdon Ramsay has been on a quest to scour all these wonderful dungeons sprouting up around Crystalia for more delectable ingredients to savour.


Super Dungeon Orcdon Ramsay


Years in a hot galley have clearly baked poor Ramsay’s brain. Without much impulse control, Orcdon Ramsay gets a random bonus at the start of each turn of play. As a mini-boss, he will have a habit of hanging in there under the most unrelenting attacks. Able to sacrifice minions around him to heal each turn, Ramsay will need some concentrated attention to see him off. At least until he get’s hungry again.


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