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“I saw them together once. We’d raided the Midnight Tower. Nyan-Nyan was our advanced scout, mapping out the dungeon with that uncanny silent step and grace only a freyjan can manage. Suddenly we were ambushed by the Chaos Kitty. She was giggling and screeching like a mountain cat in equal measure. She pounced on Blaze and had her pinned to the floor. None of us could get there before she delivered a fatal strike. But then she just hissed, proudly proclaimed ‘gotcha!’, gave Blaze a kiss on the forehead, giggled that mad giggle and bounded off. Now that I think about it—no, I don’t think Nyan-Nyan was in the same room…”


Super Dungeon Nyan-Nyan


The capricious Nyan-Nyan is a quick moving and delightful character to use in your games of Super Dungeon. Few Freyjan's ever leave the frozen spires of the Frostbyte Reach. Those who do are captivated by wanderlust and endless curiosity.

Nyan-Nyan shares the curious lucky streak common among her people, allowing her to escape the most dire situations unharmed. Like all her kindred, Nyan-Nyan has the classic 9 Lives which allows her, once per game, to roll a red dice when she is reduced to zero hearts. If she rolls any stars she can heal that many wounds without the need for a Princess Coin!


Super Dungeon Nyan-Nyan


Catapult unhindered about the dungeon with Feline Ambush and Pounce on an enemy target within five squares with a lighting melee attack then Retreat five squares to safety. Better yet, pummel any target with the powerful attack Freyjan Frenzy which is even more powerful if the enemy is suffering a wound! And if you are in a bind, a Frosty Kitty Bomb prevents the target and all adjacent enemies from using unique actions. Better yet, since it is a support action, the effect is automatic. A very cool way to avoid Catastrophe!


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