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Nu-Koa Seraph Now Available!

Nu-Koa Seraph Now Available!

Super Dungeon introduces a new draconic race with the launch of the Nu-Koa Seraph! These elusive citizens of Crystalia are not only our first look at this ancient race but the first denizen of the Wandering Monk Mountains to make an appearance in your games of Super Dungeon!

Super Dungeon Nu-Koa Seraph

Nu-Koa Seraph

Nu-Koa Seraphs derive their arcane power from a deep, almost instinctual, understanding of the self. This understanding extends even to others, allowing the Nu-Koa Seraph to tap into the arcane potential of those around them, often sapping the energy of their opponents to bolster their comrades.

The Nu-Koa Seraph had an early release at Gencon, but is now available worldwide!

Unleash the might of dragons now!

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