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Last Chance for Limited Editions!

Last Chance for Limited Editions!

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Master of Chains, Steelhorse Candy, and One-Shot Pinup Leaving Soon!

The time has come for three of our Limited Edition models to leave Shojo's Shop. This month we will be retiring the Master of Chains for Super Dungeon, Steelhorse Candy for Rail Raiders (and Super Dungeon), and the One-Shot Pinup for Relic Knights.

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Both Super Dungeon Limited Editions will be available for order until August 10th. After the 10th we will make one last production run of these two models to fulfill all orders. Fulfillment of this final production run will be made end of August and the beginning of September.

Super Dungeon Master of Chains

Master of Chains

In the Riftling pantheon, there are few more powerful entities than Araphel the Maleficent, Goddess of Bondage. Often prayed to for guidance by scheming lords and agents of the Consul, those that have Her favor gain the power to control the wills of their enemies. Massive labyrinths with twisting levels and devious traps are used to test the neophytes of this secret order. Only by mastering the minions of this dark oubliette can one secure their escape and be welcomed to the priesthood.

Skilled in breaking enemies’ wills and enslaving weaker minds to do the bidding of their clients and masters, the Master of Chains is on the prowl. Beware the snare of a priestess of Araphel!

Super Dungeon Steelhorse Candy

Steelhorse Candy

Crashlanding on a mysterious planet, Steelhorse Candy has joined the Heroes of Crystalia in hopes of finding a way home. Her blaster skills and 'arcane' technology make her a valuable asset to any adventuring team. If only she could get the Makerguild to stop trying to disassemble her precious steelhorse for study.
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The One-Shot Pinup model for Relic Knights is only available while supplies last! We have fewer than ten of this delightful pinup remaining, so if you want to add her to your collection now is your final chance!

Relic Knights One Shot - Pinup

One Shot - Pinup

Legendary Relic Knight One Shot is reimagined as a stunning Limited Edition Masterclass Pinup Miniature! This beautiful model will be a delight for painters and collectors alike!

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