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Last Chance for Limited Editions!

Last Chance for Limited Editions!
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Last Call for Rail Raiders x Super Dungeon Limited Editions

A long time ago, Rail Raiders Infinite's Chuy found a misfit sidekick, known only as The Apprentice. Not long after this, our dear Candy decided to don a white dress, pick up her trusty blaster and become the ultimate rebel.


Super Dungeon Chuy and Apprentice


The time has come for these three Limited Edition Masterclass miniatures to leave Shojo's Shop. Initially planned for the end of today, we decided to give you just a little bit longer to pick up these finely detailed miniatures.


Super Dungeon Star Princess Candy


Star Princess Candy along with Chuy and Apprentice will be leaving the store at the end of Sunday the 5th of September, meaning you have until the end of the weekend to get your orders in!


Super Dungeon Apprentice Swordmage


All things must come to an end and, so too, must the time of the Apprentice Swordmage. Don't worry, she's still going to be around for a little longer but only until October 4th.


Don't miss out on these Limited Edition Miniatures, order today!


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