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Ice Shard Aesthetic

Ice Shard Aesthetic
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Ice Shard Aesthetic

The freyjan prides have many aesthetic disciplines. Young cubs are encouraged to explore the world and discover their own path. This makes it so that new disciplines are constantly being founded. Most do not extend beyond a handful of adherents (or even one), but that does not concern freyjans who highly value individuality. The Ice Shard Aesthetics are one of the rare disciplines which not only claims many practitioners, but can be found throughout the majority of prides. It is perhaps not surprising considering the Ice Shards’ focus on communing with spirits of winter and the obvious advantages in finding common ground with these fae in order to survive the harsh climate of the Frostbyte Reach.


Super Dungeon Ice Shard Aesthetic


In the grim, frozen winters of Frostbyte Reach, the cold is a fearsome opponent all on its own. However, those Freyjans who have mastered the path of the Ice Shard Aesthetic can use that cold to prolong life as well as end it. They are masters at manipulating ice and snow, able to use it both to shutdown enemy monsters or keep Heroes in the fight, long after they should have succumbed to their wounds.


Super Dungeon Ice Shard Aesthetic


The Ice Shard Aesthetic is a solid all-rounder when it comes to attributes, especially for Super Dungeon: Arcade since she can handle most of the Challenge Deck’s attribute-based traps. With 9-Lives and carrying two potions this adaptable feline is hard to take down.

Freeze monsters in their tracks with Ice Storm which automatically inflicts Ice on all monsters on the entire tile! And if that isn’t enough her fierce attack Frozen Solid gives +1 red dice to WILL and inflicts both Ice and Immobile, so that monster isn’t going anywhere.  She’s perfect for thwarting the Dark Consul’s plans and can lock down bosses when you need to keep them in place.


Super Dungeon Ice Shard Aesthetic


Finally, there’s Ice Pack, so potent it costs two potion tokens to unlock the ability Keep It On Ice. Anytime the model would suffer a wound, place the token in the Hero Backpack, then at the end of the turn roll a red dice for each wound. Each star rolled allows you to discard a wound token, so the hero survives unless the number of wounds taken is too great!

Balance is key to all things, control the dungeon or making the right choices on who to heal…keep a cool head with the Ice Shard Aesthetic and smash your way through monsters like an avalanche!


Keep It Cool With the Ice Shard Aesthetic


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