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Ice Climber Candy

Ice Climber Candy
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Ice Climber Candy

“Those thieving orcs came through this way. They met the kobolds here. Looks like there was a scuffle. After the dust settled they made camp together. And over here … over here .... is where they drank my soda. They’re all gonna pay!”

We welcome back one of our most mobile Candy hero in games of Super Dungeon for a seasonal limited release! There is no mountain too high that she will not scale to get her loot!


Ice Climber Candy


Ice Climber Candy is an average stat line for most heroes of her kind. But her real sparkle is her baked in rule of Burrow.  Burrow allows her to move through and over difficult terrain features, and even move through walls! Not only is she mobile, but her abilities allow her to keep other heroes close by with the Stay Together rule. 


Ice Climber Candy


Keeping friends close by is very important, as Ice Climber Candy has a grudge against those that have nicked her soda stash, she has the ability to lend both Hunter and Slayer ability to her allies.  This has an added nasty effect of being especially effective against the denizens of the Frostybyte Reach, adding some real flavor to themed games!


Conquer The Peaks of Frostbyte Reach!


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