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Complete Your Super Dungeon x Way of the Fighter Collection!

Complete Your Super Dungeon x Way of the Fighter Collection!
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Super Dungeon x Way of the Fighter Masterclass

The Super Dungeon x Way of the Fighter Masterclass collection is now complete with the release of Alberdus, El Falcon, Aurelia, and Songbird Candy!

Songbird Candy and Twilight Cola

Songbird Candy and Twilight Cola are always up for entertaining a crowd while enjoying a cold ale or buttered beer. Playing as the Wandering Minstrel, Candy's songbird voice can lift the lowest of spirits and bring a smile to the dourest faces.


Even when playing Super Dungeon, Aurelia requires speed, grace, and unpredictability. These traits are perfectly captured by Nyan-Nyan, her favorite Super Dungeon Hero.

El Falcon

In lucha libre El Falcon is known for his incredible aerial work. The rush of those few precious seconds as he leaps off the top rope are exhilarating, and there is always a brief moment where he closes his eyes and pretends he is flying. Playing as the Celestial Herald isn't really flying, but El Falcon loves the increased movement and versatility it brings, as well as those super cool wings!


Alberdus receives no end of teasing from his fellow fighters about playing the Dark Centurion in Super Dungeon. How obvious for the mighty Grecian champion to play a Grecian themed Hero! Alberdus doesn't care. He knows he looks waaaaaaay awesome, and the other fighters are just jealous.

If you backed the Way of the Fighter Kickstarter and these miniatures are part of your rewards, please read this post regarding fulfillment.

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