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Community Spotlight: Shannon Bourke and Freebooter Games

Community Spotlight: Shannon Bourke and Freebooter Games

Community Spotlight:

Shannon Bourke and Freebooter Games

If you're fortunate enough to reside in Tamworth, Australia we recommend you track down Shannon Bourke and his crew at Freebooter Games. This awesome group are diehard ninjas who have been active community members since the early days of Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division; helping with playtesting and creating some incredible events.

We're particular fans of the Super Dungeon event they did last Christmas. Looks like it was the perfect way to enjoy the holidays!

As you can see they also boast some painters with jaw-dropping skill. We're sure it makes game night a great experience. It seems we'll need to do another future spotlight just to highlight these paint jobs!

We have to say though, our favorite aspect is the beautiful small touches like this custom dice bag for their Super Dungeon: Arena event. It's an extra level of care and excitement that we love to see!


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