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Community Spotlight: Rachel Frost

Community Spotlight: Rachel Frost

Community Spotlight:

Rachel Frost

The Tusk Raider is one of the more outlandish and outsized Heroes in all of Super Dungeon and Rachel's rendition captures him in all his frosty glory. We love the attention to detail Rachel paid to the model's paint job such as the amazing gem on the Tusk Raider's helmet, the ice flow base, and the dwarf's eyes intently following the line of his harpoon; no doubt ready to skewer an unsuspecting monster!


It's no surprise that ninja fever has infected us here at Ninja Division, and we love seeing brilliant paint jobs on the diverse array of ninjas available. Rachel's pack of ronin Heroes are an adventuring party that any dungeon boss should fear! We just want to know what has Momotaru blushing so? Perhaps a sly look from Mochizuki?


Rachel's work on the Furious Fungomancer and Heroic Kinoshroom bring these models to life. We were particularly awestruck by the Heroic Kinoshrooms potion bottle. Rachel's deft brushwork make it look like an actual glass bottle filled with a magical draught!

Rachel's has a huge body of chibi paint jobs, and these only scratch the surface. If you'd like to see more of her work head over to her website Stardust Miniatures!


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