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Community Spotlight: Eric Lan

Community Spotlight: Eric Lan

Community Spotlight:

Eric Lan

There are few things cooler than a fully painted dungeon, so when Eric sent us pictures of his Von Drakk Manor dungeon we couldn't wait to share it!

The stage is set for an epic confrontation, as a horde of shambling skeletons descend upon our heroes, while the Death Spectre watches from the distance. We're particularly fond of how Eric used his spare Ghost House tiles to set a backdrop for his photo shoot. They really help keep the photos immersed in the action.

The Heroes have waded their way through the horde. We can't help but notice that they failed to stomp on the remains so the skeletons couldn't rise up behind them. Be wary brave Heroes!

The stage for the final confrontation is set. We hope our valiant Heroes have plenty of princess coins available because Death Spectre looks mad!

We'd like to thank Eric for sending us this awesome narrative photoshoot of his models!

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