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Colo & Cheeto

Colo & Cheeto
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“Will Somebody Get This Walking Carpet Out of my Way?” - Star Princess Candy

Freed from the clutches of the Dark Consul’s minions in a daring raid, led by Star Princess Candy, Chuy, and Colo, Cheeto and Colo immediately became inseparable companions. Working in regions ruled by the Consul, they smuggle supplies and provide aid to those who resist the darkness. Just don’t tell Colo that he’s actually a sidekick.


Super Dungeon Colo & Cheeto


Cheeto and Colo have become a powerful force for good in the borderlands of the Consul’s dark power. Well armoured, and with impressive reach, Cheeto can handle all but the most hearty enemies in a fight. His trusty Bow throwing explosive Burst attacks, with an addition Blue DEX, helps to clear out the mobs, and if in need, he might just Tear Your Arms Off with a huge boost to STR and Massive Damage. Such is the legendary might of Cheeto, that he also has the trait Sturdy, meaning he can never take more than 1 damage from a single attack or action.


Super Dungeon Colo & Cheeto


Colo uses the Familiar rules, and is equipped at the start of the game like normal equipment. Colo is ALWAYS equipped. This sparky little fighter always keeps his bag of tricks handy. Different than an independent hero or pet, a Familiar has abilities and actions that can be used by the equipping hero, in this case Cheeto.


Super Dungeon Colo & Cheeto


Colo has is a Smuggler, which allows the hero draw three LOOT and one TREASURE card at the start of the game. If this model is removed from play, you can choose to discard the cards in place of using a princess coin. If you haven't discarded these cards, you may choose to draw and equip any of them when the Boss is spawned.


Super Dungeon Colo & Cheeto


Colo also has two great abilities. Shoot First, a range 8, Brutal Strike, and Massive Damage attack which grants an additional Red dice to the attack. That will leave a smoking hole in something for sure. If Cheeto is in trouble, for 1 Action, Colo can use I Know, providing Remedy to nearby heroes in need.


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