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Clan Tanchyo Warband Art Preview


Clan Tanchyo Warband

Art Preview

Clan Tanchyo is the next warband arriving to Super Dungeon. Forest dwellers and experts with the bow, their art truly highlights their mastery and deep affinity with the forests of Kagejima.

Tanchyo longbows are the finest in Kagejima, and their ingenious climbing gear allows them to move through the canopy as though they were born to it. Every man, woman, and child is trained and ready to take up a bow, elevating its use to artistry while preparing to rain death on any threats to clan or forest.

The Tanchyo have close ties to the many spirits of the air and earth that inhabit their forests. They view it as their sacred duty to defend the deep forest from the encroachment of human culture, keeping it pristine for later generations.

Prepare yourself, Clan Tanchyo arrives next week!

The world of Ninja All-Stars has joined Super Dungeon!

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