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Celebrating Candy!

Celebrating Candy!

Celebrating Candy!

Candy has been a near and dear part of the pantheon of characters we have created across Soda Pop’s many featured games. She was the very first concept character, and was fully intended from day one to be our mascot. With her infectiously adorable side-kick Cola, Candy has led many adventures across the Soda Pop multiverse.

She has built up a following, whether battling through dungeons in Super Dungeon, fighting tentacle monsters in Tentacle Bento, employing her shadow-jutsu in Ninja All-Stars, robbing space trains in Rail Raiders Infinite, or fighting for the future of the galaxy in Relic Knights.  Let’s take a look at, and continue to celebrate, Candy and Cola!


Candy - Relic Knight


The Last Galaxy - Creating a Legend!

A Questing Knight who finds their Relic becomes a Relic Knight! When we first met Candy and Cola, she was a questing knight, only the first vestiges of our universe was beginning to take form.

While we endlessly tossed ideas back and forth, we knew that our mascot was going to help strike a style and attitude with our game and product range that needed to be something we would love as much as you.

Sweet… check!  Bubbly personality… check!  Fantastic costuming and anime/video game styling… check!  Cute little buddy with soda pop blaster… oh yeah!!


Candy - Relic Knight


When we developed the first edition of Relic Knights, we knew that we wanted to include Candy as a canonical character. Developed and able to handle the awesome power of a Relic, she and her sidekick will be adventuring around the galaxy lending aid to those in need of a sugary rush.

Candy's Relic needed to reflect her in both style and energy, so we employed one of our lead concept designers to help us develop her Relic.


Candy - Relic Knight


We have grown a lot as designers over the years, but we keep coming back to the feeling that these first few renditions of Candy in Relic Knights gave us!  We are so proud to share this world with you as we continue our fight.



Candy - Relic Knight

Fight for the galaxy with Relic Knight Candy!


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