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Blazing Soul Hanzo

Blazing Soul Hanzo
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Blazing Soul Hanzo

“The mastery of fire is to be considered for all who wish to dominate the battle. To fight such a warrior, is as fighting a raging inferno. To even raise your head to look at the fire will burn you.” - The Book of Hanzo


Super Dungeon Blazing Soul Hanzo


Let’s start out by saying… Hanzo starts with a green die in strength! Powerful on the attack, this incarnation of the powerful Hanzo is a brutal and destructive warrior to have in your arsenal against the Dark Consul.


Super Dungeon Blazing Soul Hanzo


Yes his potion is an explosive fireball. Yes, if he zaps someone with his magical flames he teleports to occupy the spot his enemy once stood. Yes his magical sword strike is flaming. Yes he can disappear in a cloud of ash erupting from the ground. Blazing Soul Hanzo is probably one of the most powerful of all the Hanzos!


Get Fired Up With Blazing Soul Hanzo, Today!


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