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Barnacled Shipwreck: Lore

Barnacled Shipwreck: Lore
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I've A Shiver In Me Timbers!

Avast ye! The seas are calm and the winds at my sails will see us to treasure and adventure! But beware! The privateers and ne'er-do-wells of the Drowned Isle are plying their age old trade again. Better hold on to your booty!


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


The pirate ship crews that sail from the Drowned Isle are a colourful assortment of misfits, adventurers, cutthroats, and madmen. Each must only swear to abide by their captain’s code of conduct and, when upon the isles themselves, that of various lokals’ mayors.


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


Charged with keeping the rest of the crew orderly and under control, a good Bosun is arguably the most valuable member of any crew. The unique nature of the Drowned Isles require their Bosuns to be particularly skilled and ruthless. The best even know a necromantic incantation or three to keep their undead crew members fighting fit.


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


Of the many denizens of Crystalia which have fallen to tragic curses, Cursed Pirates are not ones for whom a single tear should be shed. Born from their own greed, avarice, and gleefully anarchic creeds, it is debatable whether these pirates actually see themselves as cursed at all. 


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


The close proximity of the Glauerdoom means the isles have an unnaturally high number of undead (in as much as the undead can be considered natural). A surprising number of these have maintained their free will. Those who do not wish to become servant soldiers in Von Drakk’s armies often find their way here, one of the few places where they can find some form of acceptance, work, and notoriety.


Come Sail With The Cursed!


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