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Barnacled Shipwreck: Gameplay

Barnacled Shipwreck: Gameplay
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 Beware the Barnacled Shipwreck!

Today we explore the contents of the Barnacled Shipwreck, a powerful new Spawning Point to add to encounters in your games of Super Dungeon.


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


While the pool for this spawning point may seem small, the horrible host of the Barnacled Shipwreck share some special rules which make it a particularly difficult spawn to defeat. When a model with Cursed Crown is destroyed, spawn a The Walking Cursed in the square it had occupied. Just as you think you've defeated one of these pirates, they return once more. We have included two additional Walking Cursed miniatures to cover this very event!


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


Not only are these cursed pirates hard to kill, they also pack quite a punch, particularly later in the game when your party has burned through a few Princess Coins. When a model with Greed makes an attack, it gains an additional red dice to its offense roll for each Princess Coin on its target’s card!


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


Destroying the Crow's Nest only guarantees that you join the fate of those who have been cursed. When a model with A Curse On You! Is destroyed, place a crystal token on the model that destroyed it. When the model with the crystal token is destroyed, spawn a Walking Curse model in the square it had occupied. You're part of the crew, now!


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


The Walking Cursed have succumbed to death and now fully experience the consequences of their cursed existence. While the newly dead retain all of their living traits and personalities, time slowly erodes their souls until little of the spark that once made them who they are remains. So you can maybe feel bad for these particular cursed pirates.


Add Some ARR To Your DungARRn!


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