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A New Challenger Has Entered

A New Challenger Has Entered

A New Challenger Has Entered

In one of Candy’s more interesting roles, she has taken on the role of Blazing Soul Candy!  This video game fighter version of Candy, by far one of our favourite designs, gives her a spunky and young treatment.


Way of the Fighter Blazing Soul Candy


Complete with ripped up jeans, energy shots of soda, and a pocket full of arcade tokens, this version embodied the spirit of Candy in new ways we are excited to explore.


Way of the Fighter Blazing Soul Candy


Heroes from Way of the Fighter were subsequently re-released as adventuring heroes in Super Dungeon. Candy would be no different.  It was fun to take our concept of Candy, put her in a new game with Way of the Fighter, and then convert her back to Super Dungeon.  Our heads spinning, we knew one thing, we wanted a fun class of character we had not expressed with her before.  And thus, Songbird Candy, our heroic Bard, took the stage.


Super Dungeon Songbird Candy


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